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Deployment Tip! Reduce Toolkit Timeout

Hi everyone! I thought i should share this tip if you want to be able to speed up deployment a bit if you are using MDT or MDT integrated Task Sequence in Configuration Manager. The default Tookit timeout is set to 30 seconds and if you have a couple of “Use Toolkit Package” steps in you´r Sequence you add a couple of extra minutes to the deployment time. So this tip is useful to reduce the time it takes for actually deployment! I especially use this for LAB setups, the less you have to wait for stuff the better right?!
First, how to change the timeout on the MDT Deploymentshare
Step number one, navigate to the location of your MDT Toolkit folder located where you created the Deployment share, in my case it looks like this.

Navigate to the “Scripts” folder and locate the file ZTISCCM.wsf , open it with a tex editing tool of you´r choice like this.
Next step , changing the same setting on the MDT Toolkit package in CM.
When the document is open , search for 30000 , the results should look like screenshot below! This is the default “sleep” or waittime for the script before it runs all the Toolkit package scripts. Go ahead and change the value from 30000 to 5000 ( 5 seconds ).
close the document and test if you notice any difference!

Changing the Toolkit Timeout for SCCM.

To change this setting on SCCM open the SCCM console and locate the sourcefiles for you´r MDT Toolkit used in the Task Sequence.
click properties and then check the “data source” location.
Browse the location and open the scripts file, repeat the intructions above , DO NOT FORGET TO UPDATE THE DISTRIBUTION POINT afterwards.

Happy Deployment!