Deployment, MDT, SCCM2012

Apply latest CM hotfix during OSD

Here is an easy way to always keep the CM client up to date when you deploy new computers with SCCM.
Step one, create a new folder containing the hotfix and the cm client.
Go to the hotfix folder located under the installation path where you have installed CM.
For example,
E:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\hotfix\KB2938441\Client

Copy the files there to a new Folder like this,
( use UNC share so clients can access the files )
\\cm2012r2\Sources\Apps\Client with C2 Hotfix\hotfix

After we have done that we need the rest of the CM client files , you can find those under the CM installation path, like this for example.
E:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Client

Copy all those files in the NEW folder we created in the first step, so it looks like this.

The next step is to create a new package in the CM Console and use the folder we just created as the source path.


Click next and chose DO NOT create a program.

When the package is created send the package out to all DPs that need the package for a successful deployment.
When the package is distributed, go to the OSD Task Sequence that you want to use with the updates package.
Go to the step “Setup Windows and ConfigMGR” click on browse and chose the newly created package like this.

Then edit the setup properties like this. ( Notice that you need to enter YOU´R OWN PackageID 🙂 )

And for future patches you just have to add the hotfixes in the hotfix folder then update the package, after that change the .MSP file and you are good to go!