MDT Windows 7 with nvme and Convenience Rollup

This blogpost describes how to update Windows 7 SP1 with the latest Windows Updates and how to add support for nvme drive support.

· Adding the Convenience updates

· Adding support for nvme drivers

To be able to get the KB that is needed for the nvme you need to follow the link and request it from Microsoft.


Windows 7 Convenience Update

First off we need the updates that enables us to install these updates in the Task Sequence.

The first update we need is the ”Pre Convenience Update” this update is needed to be able to installed the bundled updates later in the Task Sequence.


The other updates we need is the Windows 7 Convenience Update Nov and Dec





Adding the Updates to the Applications node in MDT

First off we need to add them so we can install these updates via the Task Sequence during build and capture.

Pre Convenience Update


Windows 7 Convenience Update Nov ( or later )


Windows 7 Convenience Update Dec ( or later )


Adding the NVME Driver support

Now all we have to do is to add the KB that we got from Microsoft to add support for the nvme drivers.

native drive support in NVM Express for  Windows 7 x64.


Task Sequence Layout

This is how it should look like if you want to install these updates and then install updates from WSUS or Microsoft update on the internet