Aero, resolution and Windows 7

Hello my first bloggpost!
I just thought i would send out this tip regarding Windows 7 deployment and getting the right resolution and enabling the Aero interface for each computer in the deployment solution.

The problem
Some drivers in MDT and in CM does not enable the Aero interface by themselves and thus users can experience that Windows looks different, and I have gotten this question when I am out at customers a lot of times “why does not aero enable by itself, when integrating MDT in the task sequence?” well here is an easy solution how to solve it! And I hope some of you out there will have use of it .

Adjusting the resolution in customsettings.ini
To get the customsettings.ini auto-adjust the resolution for all certified hardware in the deployment environment simply add these lines in the file under the [Default] section. This enables auto-detection.

Enable Aero interface in the Task Sequence.
This is just two easy steps that we can use to enable this action in the Task Sequence. Add them under the ,or after “State Restore” step, like this. This will enable the Aero Interface on all models we now deploy out, and we will get rid of the problem of resolution customization for each model in the customsetting.ini

Happy deployment!

Best Regards, Johan

C:\Windows\system32\winsat.exe d3d
C:\Windows\system32\winsat.exe dwm


















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