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Advanced format disk , and unpatched Images

I ran into this problem a few days ago when i was going to certify new hardware for Windows 7 Ent SP1 x64 and x86. The process went fine when installing the drivers on the machines that used Windows 7 Ent SP1 x64, but when i depoyed the x86 version to the same hardware and the SAME drivers but for x86 i ran into a problem…

So my first thought was that this has to be driver related and tried to remove drivers from the driver-package and then re-deploy the machine, but i still ran in to the same problem…So after some googling on the problem i found this Technet article describing the problem.

I checked the patches installed on the x86 version of the image and suprice suprice there where NONE, so basically this was an RTM release of the media, so what is the fastest way of adding this KB to the image? create a new one ofcourse! ( In MDT always ). So i double checked that the KB982018 was installed before i did the capture and then i deployed the machined again and…BAM!! it works!

The old way of solving this issue was to change the SATA settings in the bios to IDE, but on new hardware that has UEFI firware has this option removed… ( not all but most ). So to solve this issue you need to update the image you are deploying or create a ”Advanced Format Disk” step in the Task Sequence in CM when formating the disk, but if you dont have the KB in the img it´s time anyway to create a new ref img ! 🙂

Happy Deployment!



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